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Your Personalized Fleet Command Center

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Monitoring Dashboard

have a constant birds eye view over your full operation, driver preformance, shippment location, routes, zone preformance

Drivers Tracking

Track driver availability, location , preformance and Maintain driver profiles! Assign tasks efficiently and seamlessly with auto-assignment

Map View

Very easy way to visulaize your operations on a map with alerts and notifications

Route Optimization

Save time and money by choosing the best points and directions to follow, while assigning the best driver to the task


Ensure everything is on track and nothing goes off road, Orders will be assigned automatically and dispatched to the best available driver.


We cater to different business sizes and needs - Ranging from Startups and Ecommerce Platforms up to Entrprise Grade Operations


$150per month

  • Dispatch Orders to Drivers
  • Manage Driver Profiles
  • Track Driver Aavailabilty
  • Geo-Fencing and Tracking
  • Route-Optimization
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$350per month

  • Dispatch Orders to Drivers
  • Manage Driver Profiles
  • Track Driver Aavailabilty
  • Geo-Fencing and Tracking
  • Route-Optimization
  • Auto-assignment
  • Order Queing and Scheduling
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to run your business smoother.

What is a routing software?

A routing software (or a route optimization software) is an optimization tool that assists and enables route planning operations. This essentially plans the number and type of vehicles required to deliver a certain number of orders and the path to be taken by each vehicle in its journey.

How does a route planning software work?

A route optimization software accepts daily planning-related data like order details, location details, fleet details and volumetric data, among others, along with operational constraints like traffic, time windows, skills and resources pre-configured into it to suggest the most efficient way to successfully execute the deliveries or pickups

What to look for in an optimization software?

Ability to accept operational dynamism Flexibility in accepting complex business constraints Efficiency in configuring the business constraints Additionally, it's not just the most optimal route but the most optimal operationally executable route that matters.

What is route scheduling?

Route Scheduling is the process of assigning time slots for deliveries as well as synchronizing it with the availability of both delivery vehicles and customers. This could be a single-day or a multi-day affair. In some systems, route scheduling is interchangeably used for route generation and planning.

How do I map a route with multiple stops?

A route with multiple stops may be mapped using several parameters which may depend on both customer constraints as well as fleet capability. These parameters can be customer time slots, vehicle capacities, traffic conditions, etc. The final outcome depends on what the delivery operation chooses to prioritize.

Why is route planning important?

Routing or route planning is a crucial process of logistics systems, especially due to the high competition and narrowing margins in the global market. Additionaly, the increasing dynamic nature of demand with the customer becoming a part of the supply chain, has made it imperative for supply chain systems to be adaptive, transparent and more efficient.

What are the basic routing techniques?

Basic outing techinques involve solving of one or more of the following problems, in conjucntion, depending upon the business use case : Travelling salesman problem, Vehicle Routing Problem(constraints: capacity, resources, drops and pickups, time window), Knapsacking Problem

Is there an app for delivery drivers?

Yes, we have a custom-made application called 'Logista' for delivery drivers. This is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

What are the different routing algorithms?

Route planning algorithms can be categorised into-

  • Optimal Algorithms
  • Heuristic Algorithms
  • Hybrid Algorithms

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