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A comprehensive system to meet all business needs

Whether you run your own fleet, Transport your students/employees or hire a third party delivery service we have the solution for you!

Driver Apps

Track driver availability , location and preformance! Assign tasks efficiently and seamlessly with auto-assignment

Monitoring Dashboard

have a constant birds eye view over your full operation, driver preformance, shippment location, routes, zone preformance

Route Optimization

Save time and money by choosing the best points and directions to follow, while assigning the best driver to the task


Ensure everything is on track and nothing goes off road, with geofencing you will be alerted when something is unusual or off-track


Our packages are tailored to suit various industries and needs, whether you are a school in need to track student transport, Dairy Production Firm in need to track daily deliveries to stores or a delivery service in need of driver oversight and management.. we cater to all needs

Logistical Automization

Complete digital transformation of your logistical operations, Delivery and Pick-up plotting, Route Calculation, Driver Assignments, Order Tracking and More..

Route Optimization

Reaching from point A to B seems simple yet when you have multiple drops and many options the best road and direction is quite challenging!

Seamless Integration

Our Platform is ready to integrate with a multitude of tools and software out there including and not limited to CMS, Payment Gateways, SMS Gateways ,Google Services and more...

Increased Utilization

With our Algorithims witness increased preformance and efficiency, not only that we offer you to monetize your unutilized fleet elsewhere to reduce your fixed costs


Many have adopted our solutions and are benefiting from our platform to operate smoothly and hassle free.

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The LunchBox is specialized in delivering healthy meals for children and adults to your home

Made in Kuwait

A Kuwaiti Initiative Geared towards catering for the GCC Grocery Needs

Zeew Egypt

A Food Online Ordering Marketplace

Aziz Grocieries

An Alex Based Multi-Vendor Grocery Marketplace

Scarabaeus Sacer

Scarabaeus Sacer, specializes in sustainable, ethical, premium quality clothing and accessories for women and men.

WeCare Eco-Friendly Solutions

eco-friendly household alternatives and pursuing their accessibility to the Egyptian market and its consumers.


Kuwait International English School

Tamara Diet house

Diet Food for everyone's Needs


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